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*We recommend the boiling method for a moist flavorful ham

- Scrub ham
- Optional: Cover ham with water and soak overnight then drain water
- Remove Hock
- Place a piece of aluminum heavy duty foil in bottom of pan (Make foil large enough to fold over ham)
- Use a deep roasting pan
- Place ham in pan, skin side down
- Pour 1 quart of water, cover top of ham with 2 C of brown sugar (You may flavor water with your choice)
- Pull foil up around the ham and seal
- Cook slowly, baking at 250 degrees for 6-8 hours, depending on the size of the ham (25 minutes per pound)
- Thermometer should reach 160-165 degrees (overcooking will make your ham dry/tough)
- Remove ham/allow to soak/cut off excess skin/fat
- Add glaze, if desired (recipe can be found on our website)

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